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Is the Boys & Girls Club a creditable charity? What will you choose, similac vs enfamil? Find out in detail on the website. Boys & Girls Clubs of America's (BGCA) efficient use of financial resources has won national recognition. In its latest "Philanthropy 400" report, The Chronicle of Philanthropy ranked GBCA as No. 12 among all non-profit organizations, while placing BGCA in the No. 1 position among youth organizations for the 11th consecutive year.

Forbes, SmartMoney, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report have all ranked BGCA among the top charitable organizations in America based on cost-effective use of donor dollars. WORTH magazine has ranked BGCA as one of America's top 100 charities, based on financial efficiency, strength of reputation and program effectiveness. Do you need a house countertop ice maker? The best prices on our website!

Why a Boys & Girls Club in Walworth County/Delavan, Wis.? Boys & Girls Clubs of America's commitment to youth, like yours, is based on concern for deserving youth — soon these boys and girls will become the mainstay of Walworth County and America's economy. By aiding their development, all of society benefits. The best gaming offers in 25 euro casino bonus our casino follow the link!

Among the children in greatest need in Walworth County are more than 500 school-age children who are economically disadvantaged and in need of after-school services and guidance.

How was the need determined for Walworth County? A needs assessment was performed to determine the number of children who are in most need. The assessment was completed by Ashley Contreras, a Delavan-Darien School District employee who has led the effort to establish a club in the county. Her findings determined that in Delavan alone, only 15 percent of youth take part in structured after-school activities that are not run by the school district. Also, of the approximately 2,600 students in the school district, more than 60 percent are near or below poverty levels as shown by enrollment in the district's free and reduced lunch program.

How will discipline in the Club be handled and by whom? A group of staff members will be hired to deploy a discipline policy that consists of informal guidance, behavior modification through program involvement, short-term club participation restrictions and referral to formalized counseling.

How will kids get to the club? The Club will be located in an area where existing school transportation can provide daily drop-off service or students can walk or ride bikes, skateboards, etc. to the Club Return transportation from the Club to home is to be provided by parents or guardians.

What about legal liability for the Club? Boys & Girls Clubs carry a general liability insurance policy, trains staff in risk management, performs background checks on all volunteers and staff, and deploys a safety and risk audit of program space and areas.

How can I contribute to the Club? There are many ways you can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Boys & Girls Club of Walworth County, including:
  • Direct check or cash gift (via in person, mail or online donation)
  • Contribution of stocks, bonds and other assets such as land, buildings, etc.
  • A bequeath in a will or trust
  • Naming Boys & Girls Club of Walworth County in a life insurance policy
  • Participate in the "Campaign for Kids" — (Sponsorship of a Club member for one year is $700)
  • Through professional services
  • Contributions of supplies, food, equipment, etc.
All gifts are tax deductible and we supply you with a written receipt. The Club is funded primarily by the gifts of our community, foundations, special events, the United Way and government. The most important gift is the unrestricted individual dollars received by community members to support the Club for sustainability year after year.

Is there a cost to be in the Club? Yes, however, annual membership fees are very affordable. The Boys & Girls Club has not determined its membership fees, yet, but annual membership is usually less than $25. There may also be additional summer program costs. Scholarships are available to children tho cannot afford the membership fees.

Where will the Club be located? The steering committee and advisory council for the Boys & Girls Club of Walworth County is in the process of securing a location for the Club. It will be in Delavan, an area of Walworth County that showed the greatest need for youth services. An opening date will be dictated by available resources and how we can invest community funding to best and most cost effectively serve youth.

What is the history of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America? Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s tradition of service to our nation’s youth began in 1860, when the first Boys Club was established in Hartford, Connecticut. Since then, the organization has grown to serve some 3.5 million youth annually in more than 3,000 Boys & Girls Clubs across the country.

The national organization, originally named Federated Boys’ Clubs and later Boys’ Clubs of America, was founded in 1906 by the 53 local Clubs in existence at that time. The purpose: to provide leadership and programs for its member Clubs, while helping to establish new Clubs in disadvantaged communities. The name became Boys & Girls Clubs of America (B&GCA) in 1990 to reflect an expanded mission of service to all young people who need the support and guidance a Club provides.

In recent years, Boys & Girls Clubs of America has experienced dramatic growth, chartering more than 1,000 new Club locations since 1997. Many factors have contributed to this successful outreach effort, among them the dedication of national volunteers – men and women whose experience and knowledge are drawn upon to advise and strengthen the organization. Strong partnerships with committed corporations and foundations also provide invaluable support, helping raise funds and awareness on behalf of Boys & Girls Clubs of America and local Clubs.

Can you tell me more about the Boys & Girls Clubs of America? Sure. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America:
  • is a national non-profit youth organization comprising more than 4,000 Boys & Girls Club
  • facilities that help some 4.8 million young people connect with opportunities for personal growth and achievement;
  • is the only nationwide, facility-based youth agency with a primary mission of service to girls and boys from disadvantaged circumstances;
  • has affiliated Clubs in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and on U.S. military bases in the U.S., Europe and Asia;
  • is America’s fastest-growing youth development organization; and
  • provides vital services to local Clubs in:
    • Program research and development.
    • Personnel recruitment and training.
    • Facility design, construction and safety.
    • Fundraising, marketing and communications.
    • Evaluation of Club effectiveness against national standards.
    • Consultation with community leaders interested in establishing new Clubs.
    • Addressing legislative and public policy issues affecting young people.
How are local clubs organized? Every Boys & Girls Club...
  • is a private, non-profit agency with policy set by a volunteer board comprised of local residents. In Walworth County's case, they will partner with the Boys & Girls Club of Janesville;
  • is managed by a full-time executive director, assisted by full-time career professionals, part-time assistants and program volunteers;
  • is a professionally-staffed, fully-equipped facility offering daily programs promoting the health, social, educational, vocational and character development of youth ages 6-18; and
  • makes a positive impact on young lives by building self-esteem and encouraging the development of values and skills during critical periods of childhood growth.
Who does a club serve, typically (nationwide)?
Ethnicity: Age: Gender:
  • 36% Caucasian
  • 31% African American
  • 21% Latino
  • 6% multi-racial
  • 3% Asian
  • 3% Native American
  • 11% — under 7
  • 26% — 7-9
  • 30% — 10-12
  • 21% — 13-15
  • 10% — 16-18
  • 2% — over 18
  • 55% male
  • 45% female
What are the national programs the Boys & Girls Club offers? Boys & Girls Clubs of America's lineup of successful, nationally-recognized programs teaches young people the skills they need to succeed in life. Based on a time-tested youth development strategy, Club programs are guidance-oriented and diversified. Do the programs really work? Boys & Girls Clubs nurture young peoples' self-esteem by instilling in them a sense of belonging, usefulness, influence and competence. Clubs do this daily by providing young people with one-on-one relationships with caring adult professionals and fun, age-appropriate, well-rounded programming. To support local Clubs in their efforts to fulfill our Movement's Youth Development Strategy, Boys & Girls Clubs of AMerica offers tested, proven and nationally-recognized programs that provide young people with the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to pursue their dreams and succeed in life. Our programs are carefully designed to support achievement of our Movement's Youth Development Outcomes for young people leaving our Clubs at age 18 based on what we call the Formula For IMPACT.

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