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Studies show that two-thirds of Americans report having greater trust in companies that are aligned with a social issue. Providing a better future for and protecting America's children remains the public's top priority. Thanks for your interest in Boys & Girls Clubs of Walworth County. New corporate partnerships that help advance the work of the Boys & Girls Club Movement and meet minimum funding requirements are always welcome. Boys & Girls Club of Walworth County is interested in partnering with companies that have solid brand images and reputations. Whether new or established, any prospective partner must have a strong corporate mission and be a leader in its industry. A key principle when evaluating potential relationships is a partner’s ability to leverage its assets and raise awareness about the the Walworth County Boys & Girls Club. We are unable to endorse products, promote the sale of products or mandate that Clubs endorse, purchase or sell any product or service. We can however, endorse and share through social media and marketing collateral the positive qualities of your brand image and reputation. Here are the three main types of BGCA partnerships: 1.Strategic Alliances are multi-year, large funding partnerships that may create new programs or strengthen established programs that support the organization's long-term strategic priorities. 2.Sponsored Programs are existing programs, which are available to be underwritten. 3.Market Promotions take place in a windowed period of time and can be a one-time promotion or annual event. Each partnership type requires a minimum financial commitment. BGCA Privacy Policy to Donors More businesses are realizing the social and economic benefits of strategic nonprofit partnerships. Boys & Girls Clubs of America is very interested in discussing these benefits with you. If your company meets some of the initial guidelines outlined here and would like to discuss a potential partnership, please contact Boys & Girls Clubs Resource Development department at

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